What is My Penis Doctor?

MyPenisDoctor.com is a revolutionary penis training program and doctor consultation system. Here you will find:

  • A penis training program, created by experts, for building a larger and harder penis.
  • Bi-weekly Skype or phone conference doctor check-ups to make sure you’re on track.
  • Our experts, led by Dr. Richard Howard, track and consult you throughout the process.

Add Inches and Stamina to Your Sex Life!

How Does Penis Training Work?

gay-couple1With the MyPenisDoctor.com training system, you’ll use exercises that are designed to enlarge and expand your penis.

Penile exercising works due to the body's amazing and complex natural ability to easily adapt to change. The concept of exercising is far from new, but only recently has it been applied to man's vital organ.

Penis exercises work to build a bigger and harder penis in many different ways. The limiting factor in PE is the tunica albuginea and septum composed of collagen and elastic tissue. The collagen is very tough connective tissue constructed by nature to insure optimum structural integrity or strength. Think of a tendon or ligament, this is also composed of collagen. Your body’s entire structural framework is composed mostly of collagen, including bone.

To cause the penis to grow, you must overcome the structural bonds of the collagen. Through sufficient traction called critical traction when applied consistently along the length and diameter of the penis, the molecular bonds of the collagen will separate and undergo remodeling to a larger size..

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Just How Effective is Penis Exercising for Growth?

It all depends on what exercises you do, how you do them and if you have the proper guidance.   Having a health professional at the helm helps too. In a study sent to British Medical Journal, 30 men enrolled in a penis training program for three months. Each we’re guided by doctors on what exercises to do and how to perform them. By the study’s end, twenty-eight men “demonstrated permanent and verifiable enlargement.” The average length increase was 1.125 inches, and the average girth increase was 1 inch. The majority of the men also reported harder and stronger erections.

3 Parts to the Penis Size & Erections You Want

Part One: The MyPD Penis Workout System

  • Expert-Written Penis Enhancement Program

Written by our doctors and team of advisors, the MyPenisDoctor.com program guides you on what penis exercises to use, what training principles to follow and what equipment can maximize your results, with maximum safety.

  • Step-by-Step Penis Exercising Videos Men are visual learners. To help guide you through the process, we have videos to cover every exercise and key piece of penis training equipment.
  • Personalized Penis Workout Tracking System The revolutionary tracking system allows you to not only track your workouts and your progress, but it allows our doctors to monitor your progress as well. When you talk to Dr. Howard or one of our other doctors during your bi-weekly consultation, you’ll be able to jump right into the good stuff - what workouts you did, what exercises you used, what supplements you were taking, and other variables that effect your results. Then, with our medical knowledge and penis exercising experience, we can guide you regarding what to change, what to keep and what to add.

Part Two: One-on-One Doctor Consultation and Check Ups

Set Up Appointments That Fit Your Schedule Twice a month, at your convenience, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Howard. Appointments generally last 15 minutes and focus on maximizing and personalizing your workouts, to get the quickest results in the safest manner.

Talk To Dr. Howard, and Maximize Your Penis Workout You can talk to Dr. Howard by phone or through Skype. Dr. Howard will look over your recent workouts, guide you on methods to gain even more and answer any questions you may have.

Part Three: Get Results, Quickly and Safely

What Users say about MyPenisDoctor.com

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