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Interview with Dr. Howard

The following article was written about Dr. Howard, by bestselling author of Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health, by the editor of the Internet's most prominent penis enlargement community, PEGym.com, Rob Michaels. It circulated around a dozen online news and male sexual health outlets.

Not all medical professionals are apprehensive about penile exercising.

Some, like Dr. Richard Howard II, actually embrace it with open arms. He has been both a motivation and a lighting rod of support, since I first talked to him nearly five years ago.

Dr. Howard wrote the introduction to Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health and has one of the most motivational success stories I’ve ever heard. He lost over an inch, with a topical cream that caused Peyronie’s, and gained it all back and more (totaling over 3 inches gained in length and 2 inches in girth).

How does a doctor go against conventional wisdom and gain so much? I’ll let Howard tell you in his own words . . .

Can you give a quick overview of your professional background?

I have a bachelor’s in biology and economics, a master’s in public health and in biochemistry and a doctorate in public health, and all course work up to a doctorate in biochemistry from Tulane University.

My main professional motivation was to determine methods of developing optimum health. It occurred to me that if you’re healthy, you can live life to the fullest, and that was really the beginning of my health awareness.

Through exercise, supplements, proper diet, and inputs via a meditative and spiritual nature, one has in place the predisposing elements for optimum health. I wanted to be an integrated individual that is healthy, energetic, with minimum stress and maximum mental acuity, and to be able to share this practical and useful knowledge with others for their own self improvement.

Did that have any ties to why you started penile exercising (PE)?

Yes, penile exercising is part of wholeness and integrity of the individual. There seems to be a need in human nature to partition things or have either or, but in my view you can integrate it all -- like in the principle of bodybuilding -- which should logically include PE.

Eventually, through experiences, I became aware of the sexual pizzazz factor. As a result of certain experiences and awarenesses, I began to realize sexuality and the physical tools involved counts in a substantial way in the dimension of interpersonal romance. For example, all things being equal, women with sizable breasts would generally have somewhat of an advantage in romance.

Overtime, I came to the conclusion that this would be most likely true in men as well. If all things were considered equal, the man who was most endowed would have more sexual pizzazz.

How did you get into PE?

I got into penis exercises after I read about the Chartham method and tried that. I gained about a half an inch. After that, there wasn’t much for roughly 20 years. I did use vacuum pumps, but I never felt they worked particularly well in gaining any further than a half an inch.

In 1999, I ran across the Jes Extender and gained 3/8 to 1/2 an inch there in six months. It was a simple and ingenious device, and the scientific literature on the extender showed significant results in a trial with this device.

By that time, I had an increase of 3/4 of an inch in total.

I then applied a particular formulation that I thought would be theoretically helpful. It turned out that it was a very potent collagen synthesis co-factor and can caused collagen to grow out of control. It resulted in Peyronie’s disease and the loss of an inch and a half. It ruined my whole afternoon and maybe a few months to a year or two.

I went back to the Jes Extender and it simply didn’t have sufficient traction to correct this problem. It was like a tractor trying to pull a Mack truck out of a mud pit. Even though the extender says it can help Peyronie’s, it didn’t help in this case.

Where did you find your answer?

I explored the Internet and stumbled upon Thunder’s Place, which had a rich array of information.

I tried the BibHanger, which is a tool that would be skittishly thought about by many. It is a collar that you can attach to the penis and hang weights. I believe that, with careful application, it would have the traction to pull out the crimps caused by the atypical Peyronie’s disease.

Hanging was trial and error for me, but it began to work as I progressed in the learning curve, which includes knowledge and finesse of correct wrapping, the right warm up, the right settings, and the slow addition the weights over time. If you don’t, you can have an occasional injury that usually clears up in a day or two to a week. The BibHanger site provides all the information one needs to effectively learn to use the ingenious device and make substantial gains.

How much did you gain?

After a period of time, I was able to pull out the collagen crimps and get back to my pre-Peyronie’s length. It was off and on for a while after that.

Then Katrina hit. I live in New Orleans, so I used PE as a way to cheer myself up. I started various methodologies ranging from jelqing to hanging to pumping.

The tissues in my penis became stronger, and I gradually increased my length an extra 2.75 inches in length and 2 inches girth - bringing my current size to 8.5″ X 6″.

Through personal reflection, as a scientist, insights are continually occurring to me as to developing progressive advanced routines, for those who wish extraordinary gains.

What tips do you have for men trying to repeat your success?

Always start warm. Whether it is in the morning upon awakening in bed, when you’re already warm, or using a traditional warm up. Study as much as you can, from your book, Penile Exercising Gym, Thunder’s Place, and BibHanger.com and others.

When it comes to stretching, make sure you stretch in all directions - up, down and all around. The idea is to hit as many angles of the penis causing constructive stress in different areas.

Start with the manual PE moves, as illustrated in your book, which should yield adequate gains. If one wishes, more than mechanical devices such as the BibHanger can be considered. There is always a risk/reward consideration. Also participate in all the health promoting dimensions one can such as: diet, exercise, supplements, low stress, and a positive/spiritual outlook.

What about girth?

For girth work, make sure you put pressure on the base so that the anterior section expands.

There are various ways in doing it. I use an overhand grip so that I can get as close to the base as possible. For jelqing, gripping the base is important as well especially if the goal is girth.

Do you think that trying to do too much, too soon tightens up the collagen?

Yes, that’s a function of being obsessive about PE. Doing too much causes contraction and a defensive response. That’s the way collagen deals with it.

You have to go at it easily, stay warm, do different variations, and try to maintain tissue looseness.

I’m not a fan of the V-stretch or hanging in a V-configuration, as the strain it causes on the dorsal nerve concerns me. I don’t like to put a lot of pressure on the nerve and feel it’s dangerous, so I’m more of an advocate of the A-configuration.

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