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"I would just like to report that in just over a year I have gained 1.25" in length using this program. This puts me past the half way point to my goal of 8.5". I was average before, and now I am sitting at 7.25". I hadn't measured in a few weeks, and I took a week off last week. Then I was with my new girl friend for the first time this weekend.

It was the greatest feeling when she buried her head in the pillow and screamed I couldn't believe the results when I read the tape. My lack of confidence in bed has been completely diminished.

I just want to say thanks to you guys for giving such good advice. I have been able to use the techniques properly thanks to you. And a little word to all you new folks out there, just follow every single word on the site and you will grow. Since the gains are permanent, I am soooo glad I took before pictures. Besides, the before pictures have allowed me to see just how much I have really gained."

Thanks again!

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