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"I got a kick out of this and I think it will be an encouraging read for guys just starting out or interested in starting.

This week I went to my old friend and urologist because I was having some problems with an excessive need to urinate at night. Problem solved with meds in a flash.

But before he solved the problem, he had to examine me and check the prostate (ugh),so it was necessary for me to drop my pants and show all. So before I did that, I told him that I had started last July doing male enhancement exercises after seeing this site and joining it. (As a physician, it made sense to me that elastic tissues could be stretched.) His reply was that he thought all that stuff was a lot of baloney. I replied: 'No sir.'

Last July I was 5 x 4 erect, and now I am 6.5 X 4.5 erect, and I just wanted him to know before I took down my pants. He has seen my penis many times over the years that he has taken care of me.

You should have seen his look when I dropped them. Priceless! Then he hefted my penis and said: 'Goodness! I have sure learned a lot of new things today! I wonder if there could be something here for my patients with Peyronie's disease?' He took down the name of your website and I left with a new believer telling me to let him know how things were going.

So, if you are wondering if this "penis enlargement" works or are discouraged, take heart and keep doing the exercises."

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