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LG Hanger: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LG Hanger safe?

The LG hanger is one of the safest penis enlargement devices invented to date. The LG Hanger is the latest technology in penile enlargement; however, it is not rated as a medical device at this time. Therefore care is recommended during use. It is encouraged that you take your time and to learn the details of effective application. The LG Hanger does not have any negative circulatory implications; however, it is advised that you be aware of your penis’s sensitivity and temperature. If sensitivity and temperature changes occur, remove the LG hanger and give yourself a rest.

How does the LG Hanger increase my penis size?

The LG hanger expands tissues rather than compresses them. Penis enlargement comes from tissue expansion, both in length and in girth, hence the name LG hanger. L stands for length, and G stands for girth.

Wearing the hanger causes linear traction as well as vacuum expansion,  the best of both worlds! With the glans and shaft being in an expanded state, versus compressed, the penile structure is "fully open" to more efficient traction induced enlargement. In other words, the collagen fibers are not compressed together in a "confined" state. Thus a combination of open/expanded penile structure has facilitated predisposition of exposure to readily respond to the traction force in an open-ended time scenario.

How quickly will I see results?

Length of time to achieve the desired results may vary from individual to individual. The amount of time worn, an individual tissue strength, will all play a part in reaching your goal. As with the other major hanger, multiple inch gains are possible. Consistency is key!

What is the LG Hanger made of?

The LG hanger is composed of a very high gauged, jet age, polymer that forms a hollow  dome; on top of the dome is a female vacuum receptacle. To the center of the dome is a heavy gauged hook which is used to secure weight.

Each dome is custom-made to the individual's circumference behind the glans, to ensure optimum fitting. At the base of the LG hanger dome is a silicone sleeve, which maintain the vacuum and also creates traction on its own. Therefore, you have a combination of vacuum within the dome and a silicone sleeve at the bottom of the dome, to maintain a very efficient gripping system, far exceeding the capacity of previous systems.

How long do I wear the LG Hanger?

Generally, you can wear the LG hanger as long as you want, as the wearing time is open-ended. While wearing the LG Hanger, you can adjust the amount of weight to fit your needs for the progressive stretching of your penis. The LG Hanger is quite comfortable, and you can assume any position with it. For example, you can wear it: straight down, BTC, over the legs to the right and to the left, as well as the fulcrum configuration.

How do I know the LG Hanger will fit me?

Each LG Hanger is hand-customized for the individual. The product is a propriety architecture (patent pending) of optimal dimensions, allowing for maximum comfort and weight and has been successfully tested to 25 lbs. This customized hanger allows for secure fit, open ended wear time/comfort, leading to the use of progressively heavier weights once tissue acclamation and conditioning has occurred.

I've used other penis hangers. Do I have to begin with the beginner's routine?

There is a beginners routine of time/weight progression, included with your LG Hanger via PDF. Everyone should start with this routine, even if you have used heavy weights on the other hangers. As with anything, there is a learning curve for optimum implementation. Fortunately, this is not a steep learning curve, and the LG Hanger is extremely user friendly.

How much weight can I hang with the LG Hanger?

The LG hanger has been successfully tested up to 25 lbs.

What is included with my LG Hanger purchase?

We have two packages available with the LG Hanger, to meet your unique hanging needs.

Package A - The Complete Package:

Package A has everything you need to get started hanging with the LG Hanger. Cost $305 which included national shipping.  It comes with the following:

  • LG Hanger Dome
  • Silicone Sleeve
  • Wrapping Tape
  • Hand Vacuum Pump with Gauge
  • Starter Weight (3 lbs.)
  • Instruction Manual via PDF file

Package B - The Economy Package:

Package B was designed for those who already have a vacuum pump and weights. Cost $255 which included national shipping. It comes with the following:

  • LG Hanger Dome
  • Silicone Sleeve
  • Wrapping Tape
  • Instruction Manual via PDF file

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