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penis enhancement that works testimonialFinding exercises and techniques that worked, and then worrying about if they worked weighed heavily on my progress. I finally came across Dr. Howard on the PEGym...forum and I was very interested because at that time I had begun my extender, which is a very time consuming but effective device.
My journey into the world of PE was a very arduous and experimental one, and still is, but with the clarity and the vision that Dr. Howard offered as my personal coach, my journey became focused solely on committing myself to exercises versus going around from site to site looking for things that might work. Before I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Howard I was able to reach a decent .3 inch increase in length, and .1 in girth, but in 8 months. With Dr. Howard's expertise, techniques, and experience on PE, I have gained .5 solid inches in length, BPEL, and a solid .4 inches in girth in 3 months, leaving my at 7.5 x 5.4, so for those who may not believe in coaching, or PE, believe it, because it's real and I am very thankful for individuals like Dr. Howard and those who promote PE and run these sites because it gives many men the hope of obtaining bigger and better things!

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